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Your Guide to Executive Meetings at Events


You’re an Executive Administrator or Meeting Manager responsible for Executive Meetings. Part of your responsibilities are to make your executives happy by making things easier and more efficient for them, so they can be more productive. When it comes to executive events, then, your job is to prioritize their limited time in a way that makes the biggest impact on your business.

Events are perfect places for your company’s movers and shakers to rub elbows with potential business partners. But things can go south fast if you haven’t planned ahead—missed or late meetings, unproductive meetings, or just plain awful meetings with unqualified people.

Here’s the point: You want your folks to avoid those bad meetings. More importantly, you don’t want them to miss any critical opportunities for creating new business. What you need is to get strategic and intentional—beforehand. To do that, you need a dedicated, intelligent tool to help facilitate and qualify any potential meetings.

It’s about making the most of your busy executives’ time, right? So, first, get clear on when and how much time your execs are available. Take into account any speaking opportunities or personal downtime they may need. Second, set specific criteria for executive meetings. They’re not going to meet with just anybody about anything. We’re talking power meetings here. Third, get the right tools to do the job.

It’s time to get strategic!

Download Hubb's Guide to Executive Meetings at Events to learn how to get strategic and facilitate the kinds of meetings that move your business forward!

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