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Why do I need a Single Source of Truth?


In case you are not aware, putting on an event requires a massive amount of collaboration with many people across many teams collecting and managing many pieces of information. Without a Single Source of Truth (SSOT) it’s difficult (possibly impossible?) to be sure that everyone has correct, up-to-date information at all times—even with online collaborative spreadsheets and emails. A single, cloud-based repository for all of your event’s data is a must have.

Here are parts of your conference that can (and probably should) be connected to the SSOT: 

Marketing Website

Did a new and notable speaker just get added to the line-up? With an integrated SSOT, the new session is already being advertised on your website. Want to show off the logo and info of every sponsor that will be on your show floor? Have your site pull that information from your SSOT.

Besides the benefit of saving you time, relieving you of busy-work and eliminating any errors you might make in the process, the added benefit of getting your session catalogue online and marketed to potential attendees sooner has been proven to give a big boost to your registration numbers as well.


How great is it to never again have to resend “registration_final_final_5.csv” attendee information spreadsheet over to the badge printer on opening morning? Pure bliss. With a SSOT the attendee information is always in the same place online and always up to date. Easily see things like which attendees are registered for pre-day or which attendees just made last-minute changes to their preferred sessions.

Mobile app

The benefits of connectivity with your event’s mobile solution are obvious. Each attendee can have their schedule automatically at their finger-tips and can find where to go and even be matched with sessions and sponsors that might enhance their experience at your event.


Session and Sponsor information

Just like attendees, speakers and sponsors can update their information on their own. Speakers can make updates to their sessions (Say, upload a new deck or alter the session description) without any help from you or your team. As an added benefit Sponsors can find the best potential prospects from the pool based on what sessions, track or theme someone is attending.

Badge Scans

How full were each of your sessions? How far are attendees willing to walk during a break? Which subjects packed rooms and which only had scattered attendance? These are all metrics you can plug into a visual dashboard and access with fresh energy and perspective if you’ve integrated your badge scans with your SSOT—next year’s content catalogue will be better for it.

Digital Signage

How great would it be, if the badge scans indicated a session room is filling quickly, to be able to communicate that status to attendees on the conference’s digital signage and mobile app—and possibly reroute them to a similar session or an overflow room? This is where the up-to-the-second reality of SSOT really shines.

A single source of truth allows you to streamline your processes, but also allows you to use data to create the best possible experiences for your attendees, and increase the overall value of the event.


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