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Why APIs are Game Changers for Corporate Events

APIs and corporate events

On this blog so far, we’ve covered some of the benefits of using technology to manage event content, including call for papers, and the organizing and grading of submissions. These elements are critical to developing a compelling program. So, you’ve read those posts, you’ve picked amazing speakers and developed killer content for your conference. Now what? All that great content is useless until it is made available to your audience to consume and share.

Let’s talk tech for a minute. APIs enable your content to be published and updated in near real-time. (If you want to know about APIs, read our helpful blog post). Information that you collect and store in your event content management tool should move and breathe throughout your data ecosystem, and APIs are what allow that to happen with ease.

With a solid event content management solution, you can build your entire session agenda and publish it directly to your event website. A good solution will allow you to do this in a way that creates a custom branded agenda page that is a seamless part of your overall event website.

The best part is being able to automatically update the agenda on your site. Any changes in the sessions, tracks, or speakers that affect the agenda can be made in your event content management platform and updated in near real time on the event website itself.

This saves a ton of time—you don’t have to coordinate with the folks who are in charge of the website (and anywhere else the agenda is accessible, like on a mobile app) to make sure all of the changes and updates are reflected in every public facing version.

It also dramatically reduces errors. Providing accurate and up-to-date information across all your platforms reduces attendee frustration—and saves you the headache of fielding inquiries about conflicting dates and times, or even worse sending attendees to the wrong room at the wrong time so they miss their favorite session

Smart integrations save IT resources, too. You no longer need your web development team on standby to make every little change to an agenda. By leaning on your event technology providers, you also don’t need to dedicate as many web development resources for your events, and can probably streamline your budget with a smaller team.

So, where do you find a tool that does all this? We know we’re biased, but we think Hubb is the best event content management platform for conference planners. Hubb’s API has several handy features that make it really easy for you to manage your data. It has both read and write capabilities, unlike many other providers that offer read-only capabilities and create a closed ecosystem of data. When pulling data from Hubb and pushing it to other platforms, you can pull just the latest updates and changes, and can set filters to omit anything that isn’t ready for public consumption. Hubb even allows you to cache your data locally so that your technology team can easily identify just the changes that have happened. You can also set up unique client IDs and passwords that provide different permissions for different members of the team. This way, someone on your events team can push the content to the website, but a speaker who is simply filling out their application form wouldn’t receive the same access. But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it! Check out what event managers from Microsoft, Tableau and Intel have to say about working with Hubb and decide for yourself.

Want more on APIs? Here are the slides from our recent webinar, Get Empowered by the API Economy.

Get Empowered by the API Economy

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