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Where to Find Hidden Event ROI


With so much money and effort being spent during a few days, getting the most value out of your event is important. Here’s a few simple ways to find hidden ROI out of existing resources without too much extra effort.

1. Make full use of your onsite experts

During your event, the conference center is full of experts. Speakers, executives, and key partners all have knowledge that is useful to you attendees. When they are not presenting at a session, make them available to attendees one-on-one using a tool like Hubb Meetings to make the most of their time onsite. That one-on-one interaction has astronomical value to an attendee and huge potential to create loyal customers.

2. Stretch your content past event week

Events are a great proving ground for all that content you’re creating, but you don’t want the value to fall off post-event. Look to apply your events content across your marketing efforts beyond the onsite experience. Try having a regional roadshow with just the highest rated sessions, or turn the best content into webinars, white papers or case studies.

3. Use data to create personalized experiences

Data is part of our lives now, and you should understand how and what data to collect at your events. You’ve probably got a folder full of event data on your computer somewhere. One of the best ways to activate all this information to create value is creating personalized experiences for attendees.

These are just a few examples of how you can reuse your content, resources and people to create more value for attendees and ROI for event stakeholders.


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