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[Webinar] VR & AR 101 for Events: How it works, what it costs, and who's using it

The late strategist Lee Atwater famously once said, "Perception is reality." We would like to inject virtual and augmented reality into this equation. 


Virtual and augmented realities are quickly becoming the norm in our day-to-day lives and businesses. Gone are the days where VR/AR were used strictly for entertainment purposes. VR/AR technologies are now being utilized to effectively communicate messaging, increase brand awareness, train, grow sales pipelines, and so much more!

We hope you enjoy it... in whatever reality you find yourself in! If you can't make it, please register and we'll send you the recording and slides after the event.

In this fun and engaging webinar, you will explore the ways businesses within a variety of industries are taking advantage of one of the most effective mediums of communication. Walk away with the checklist you need to begin incorporating these technologies today. 
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • How to identify whether this technology is right for your brand
  • How to get started leveraging VR/AR at your events
  • How much time you need to develop this technology
  • What the use of AR/VR means for your event budget

TylerGatesTyler Gates, Managing Principal, Brightline
Tyler is the Managing Principal at Brightline Interactive and President of the DC Chapter of the VR/AR Association. He is a visionary for the applications of VR/AR technology for enterprise and branding solutions. Over the past several years, Tyler evolved Brightline Interactive's digital marketing competency by transforming client needs into tangible concepts and ideas through the use of VR/AR technology. He has adapted Brightline’s award-winning, highly immersive and interactive VR solutions to create projects for customers ranging from training and simulations for government agencies to virtual autographs for major sporting facilities. Through the VR/AR Association, Tyler leads efforts to grow the VR/AR technology throughout the DC/metro area.


Watch now! 


Here are the webinar recording and slides, so you can view at your leisure. 


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