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Webinar: Allie Answers Your Event & Event Technology Questions

By Hubb on Aug 09, 2017 / Category: Event Technology, / Allie Magyar, / webinar / 0 Comments / Tags: Event Technology, Allie Magyar, webinar


Sometimes, getting the answer to a difficult question requires a journey, or deep searching. This is not one of those times. This August 30th, we're hosting an easy way to get the answers to those challening questions. 

Join us for very special webinar featuring Hubb founder Allie Magyar answering questions from events and technology industry all-stars, as well as whatever you, the attendees, throw at her! So long as it relates to events or technology, no topic is off-bounds.

You might ask Allie your burning event technology question, or pick her brain on time management and productivity. Or you could ask about event marketing, speaker management, strategy, analysis and measurement, entrepreneurship, stress-reduction, dealing with event attendees, event design integration and APIs, or event content; anything you want to know.

Allie is the person to give you the answers you need. She's a CMP-certified events industry entrepreneur and technology maven with nearly two decades of experience. Not only is Allie the founder of Hubb but she's also the technical lead for the world's largest IT user conference. She was recently named a Top Woman Entrepreneur by Smart Meetings Magazine and has spoken about events and technology at events like CEMA, Event Tech Live and ACT-W.


Take advantage of this opportunity; prepare your questions and register today!


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