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Your Virtual Event Toolkit


Over this past year, we've put together a lot of virtual event guides, checklists, playbooks, and other helpful resources. So we wanted to both look back at all the resources we've created as well as provide a single location where you can find all these resources. Because here at Hubb we're all about freeing event planners from tedious, time-consuming tasks so they can get back to doing what they do best, crafting incredible events.

The Ultimate Virtual Event Playbook

This is your one stop shop for all things virtual events. While this blog post shows you where all of these individual resources are, this playbook puts them all in a single document. It will show you everything from how to create a budget plan for your virtual event, which questions to ask virtual event platform vendors, marketing strategies to promote your event, and more. Download, read, and take this playbook to heart and you will be an event planning hero. Yah it's that good. 

The Data-Driven Virtual Event 

So you just held this awesome virtual event and you want to show off your success to your stakeholders. Good thing you downloaded this guide beforehand. You knew which data you needed to collect and utilized the strategies in this guide to seamlessly view and analyze the data. In some cases you may have spotted a trend in the data and responded in real-time, like creating a repeat session for your most popular breakout. You even managed to give your sponsors valuable insights into their leads, helping them drive their sales cycles forward. You nailed it, you data wizard. (For those that also want to be data wizards, click the link above.)

Creating Attendee Engagement at Your Virtual Event

Engagement has become an almost buzzword when it comes to virtual events. It's the thing that planners are trying to solve for, create, and measure to determine the success of their event. But what does engagement really mean? Well, this guide will layout what engagement at virtual events means in real terms, and show you how you can measure it. Pro tip, combined with our guide to a data-driven virtual event, this guide can help you spot and correct attendee engagement issues before they event happen. And of course, this guide will also share the latest and greatest strategies for promoting engagement before, during, and after your virtual event. 

How to Market Your Event Like a Pro

Events are the best marketing tools to build brand awareness, create demand, and achieve overall success. This guild will show you how the marketing pros set goals and objectives, learn more about their audience to create a more targeted approach, build their channel strategies, and more. Even if you are all ready a marketing pro, this guide includes helpful updates to the virtual event marketing strategy that will help you authentically tell your brand story and drive massive registrations. So get your copy and start marketing like a pro.

Virtual Speaker Management

You’ve heard about the love-hate relationship between presenters and conference managers. You need each other, yet you drive each other crazy like Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. And with events moving online to the virtual world, anxiety levels can blow up faster than you can say “sit-com.” Between constant email exchanges and frantic phone calls, it’s easy to forget that speakers and conference staff­ share the same goal of creating a great virtual event.

Fortunately, you can restore the love to the speaker-manager bond. It just takes the right technology, training and communication. Download this guide to learn how managing your speakers can go from a major pain in the you-know-what to one of the easiest items on your (extensive) to-do list.

30 Ways to Drive Sponsor Value at Virtual Events

Keeping sponsors happy and on board was one of the main challenges for planners last year. A lot of sponsors were worried that they wouldn't get a return on their investment in the virtual format. Well, we're here to tell you that virtual events can actually provide more value to sponsors than in-person events. All it takes is a little adjustment to the strategy and an understanding of how the virtual format works. Luckily, we created this guide with 30 methods to drive leads and valuable insights to your sponsors. 

Virtual Event Production Checklist

If your like us, then nothing helps calm the nerves and preps you to tackle an event like checking off a checklist. As each box is checked and item crossed off, you know you're giving your attendees the best possible experience. We've broken it up into pre-event, during the event, and post-event checklists so you can make sure that every aspect of your event is covered. Get checking by clicking the link above!

Inclusion at Events Resource Guide

We hosted a panel on inclusion at events to share strategies and best practices and to learn how DEI strategies have changed with virtual events. And as part of that panel, we created a guide to helpful content around the web. These include resources from our panelists as well as recommendations from our audience. It's an excellent guide to help you make your next virtual event more inclusive. And as a bonus, you can watch the session to get a deep dive into inclusion at events. All in the link above!

Virtual Event Toolkit (the OG version)

Back in the summer, we created an initial virtual event toolkit, with a Roles & Responsibilities Matrix, a Virtual Event Budget Template, a Virtual Event Plan Template, a Convince Your Leadership Starter Pack, and a Virtual Event Dictionary. If you're out of breath reading that, you are not alone. You can get your copy of the OG Virtual Event Toolkit here. These tools get very tactical and are designed to be repurposed for your own event. So feel free to steal them (we won't tell). 


And with that, you can now access our entire library of virtual event tools and guides. They reflect everything we have learned this past year from hosting hundreds of virtual events.  Filled with tips and tricks as well as actionable strategies, we are sure you will find them useful in executing your own virtual event. 

Happy Planning #eventprofs!

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