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Virtual Event Reporting: Everything You Need to Know Webinar

By Hubb on Sep 04, 2020 / Category: virtual events / 0 Comments / Tags: virtual events


As event planners, we collect a lot of data. But that doesn't mean we are data wizards, like the guy in the graphic, or even that we are comfortable analyzing and using that data. And with virtual events, we have a whole lot more data to sort and measure. This tsunami of information can quickly become unwieldy, which means that despite having more data, we will have fewer insights and less to show to your stakeholders. The good news is that you don't need a phD in statistics to create a post-event report full of actionable insights and solid measures. If you know your event goals and plan your data collection strategy in advance, then you can cut through the fluff and analyze the right data. Then you will have a lot less data you have to manage, making it easier to see trends and important markers in your data. We know we are making this sound easy, and it's not. But it doesn't have to be an overwhelming and daunting task.

To help knock this post-event report down to size, we're bringing in our very own Allie Magyar. She will guide you through how to align your virtual event goals with your data to formulate a strategic plan. Then she'll share her best practices for collecting event data and how to determine what the "right" data to collect even is. Finally, she'll show you how to present your findings to your stakeholders for the maximum impact. Yah, we weren't joking when we said "Everything You Need to Know."

It's going to be an extremely informative session, and knowing Allie, an absolute blast. Click play on the video below to start learning. Just want the slides, click here to see the presentation on slideshare.

Presented by:

unknown-1595351001795Allie Magyar, Founder and CEO, Hubb

Allie Magyar is a skilled entrepreneur and technology maven with over 15 years of experience driving successful technology-enabled service companies. She founded Hubb in 2015 to build a technology solution that directly addressed the event technology needs of meeting planners as they manage the overload of information for their events. As CEO of Hubb, Allie directs the company’s strategic direction with an emphasis on partnerships, integrations, and growth. A renowned speaker, Allie is a member of Vistage, a two-time Inc. 5000 award winner, and was named a 2017 Top Women Entrepreneur by Smart Meetings, was a 2018 EY Pacific NW Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and in 2019 was named to Smart Meetings Women in Events Hall of Fame, as was as a finalist for Entrepreneurial Achievement at the OEN Tom Holce Awards.

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