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Hubb's Virtual Event Playbook


The events industry has undergone the greatest change this past year than ever before. We have been forced to remake ourselves in order to survive, entering the digital world for the first time. It's an understatement to say that a lot has changed and that we have a lot to learn. But with the past year under our belts, we have a better understanding of virtual events and how to make them rock than ever before. 

To best share what we have learned from this past year of experimentation, we've compiled all of these learnings into this playbook. It's full of strategies and tactics to help you get started in planning your event. You can think of it as your one-stop-shop for all things virtual events. Whether you want to know what technical equipment you will need to make your speakers look really good or how much you should charge for your virtual event, this playbook has it. Want to know how to plan an audience journey and what data you need to collect to prove the success of your event? Well, this playbook has it. What about UTM tracking and crisis communications? You guessed it. This playbook has it. This is the kind of resource that you're going to want to bookmark and print out to take with you everywhere, because you will be referencing it constantly. Yah, it's that good. 

The events industry has been forced into the digital realm, a path the rest of the world has been steadily marching on for some time. And for those that think that virtual events are going to fade away, we urge you to read Allie's view on the future of virtual events. So go ahead get your free copy of the playbook by clicking the button below and learn how to make the most of this new medium. It'll show you the hard questions you should ask when selecting a platform, and how to use your virtual event to drive yours and your partners' sales cycles forward. 

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