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Get Specialized Advice for Corporate Meeting Managers In Our New Guide

Published on Dec 18, 2017


Before we started Hubb, we planned conferences and meetings. While officially we love all our events children equally, our favorite types of events to work on were corporate conferences.

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Social Media Marketing for Events Webinar: Slides and Recording

Published on Sep 20, 2017

We hope you enjoyed the our September webinar, Social Media Marketing for Events, co-presented with Social Tables! Below, you can find the webinar slides and recording.

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Guest Post: Attendee Personas 101

Published on Aug 15, 2017

We're excited to bring you a guest post from Expo Logic, a provider of innovative event management solutions worldwide. They've created an helpful guide to identifying your different types of...

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Why Hold a User Conference?

Published on Jul 13, 2017

User Conferences are powerful tools for corporations. If you're thinking about holding one, here are some of the benefits you can expect, as well as advice on what types of organizations are best...

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Working with the Media to Promote Your Event

Published on May 03, 2017

Good news! The same skills you use to plan amazing events can help you get articles published in the media. Here's a few practical tips for engaging with the media to build relationships and get...

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Whitepaper: Event Marketing Best Practices

Published on Feb 07, 2017

Creating a memorable and effective event is an insane amount of work, but well worth it when you witness all the incredible experiences your attendees are having.

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Time Saving Event Tech Trends That Will Help Conference Planners in 2017

Published on Jan 02, 2017

Event mangers have a surplus of many things—patience, fortitude, get-stuff-done gumption – but we rarely have extra time. There is good news on this front, however. Thanks to advances in...

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Event Marketing Best Practices: 7 Strategies to Promote Your Event

Published on Nov 07, 2016

You’ve set the date and booked the venue. Now it’s time to make sure people show up.

Did you know that about two-thirds of conference attendees register based on the quality of the content? That... Read More

Building a Killer Corporate Events Portfolio

Published on Sep 26, 2016

Events are critical in helping a company or organization achieve its mission, and are often the largest spend of the marketing arm. The thing is, sometimes us event managers end up operating as a...

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The 2016 CEMA Summit: Corporate Event Marketing Tips from the Pros

Published on Jul 22, 2016

The Hubb team flew down to sunny Newport Beach earlier this week to attend the CEMA (Corporate Event Marketing Association) Summit. The annual CEMA Summit is an opportunity for corporate event...

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