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The Hubb Way:  Fostering a Healthy Workplace Environment

By Nanci Meadows on Oct 03, 2016 / Category: Hubb / 0 Comments / Tags: Hubb

Hubb: Work-Life Balance

At Hubb and Dynamic Events, we believe in living life to the fullest both inside and outside of the office, and that includes taking care of our health and well-being. We put a lot of thought and effort into our wellness program, and we are proud to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Healthiest employers in the Portland area for 2015 and 2016! We’re lucky to live in a beautiful city where the business community understands the importance of creating a balanced work environment. Portland is one of the healthiest cities in America and we enjoy finding ways to take advantage of all the the Pacific Northwest has to offer. We often say,  “There’s no such thing as work/life balance; there’s just this one life, and we happen to live some of it here at our offices.” It is this mindset that  helps us create and encourage an environment of health and happiness.. If you’re looking to encourage one-life living and provide ways for your team members to embrace a healthier lifestyle, here are a few things you can try:

Involve the whole team

Before you go ahead and build a program based on what you think your colleagues love, start by asking them! A simple survey or poll will help you identify the activities and benefits the majority of your employee’s value, and will protect you from picking an unpopular perk that’s likely to go unused. Our team members have a large hand in creating our wellness program. We understand that those who are closest to the work know it best and that applies to the benefits we provide. This year we performed a “pick your perk” activity where everyone was given three green stickers to apply to the perk they valued most or suggest one they would like to see. Yoga emerged as the clear winner, and we now have an instructor visit the office for weekly classes!

Make fitness a part of the workday routine

Many companies offer subsidized gym memberships or fitness classes, but those options require people to actually get off their butts and get to the gym before or after work. Increasing accessibility to gyms and fitness classes helps team members adopt healthier lifestyles. We’ve found that by creating a gym in our offices and providing personal trainer sessions and yoga classes during work hours, our colleagues are actually exercising more! Taking the time to re-energize and maintain a healthy lifestyle helps everyone be more productive and produce greater quality work.

Embrace the outdoors

It’s easy to feel cooped up and start losing your creative juices after spending endless hours in front of energy-sucking computer screens. Weather permitted, use every excuse you can to get the team outside! Go on walking meetings and encourage each other to take a breather once in a while. Another approach we’ve found helpful is planning company wide-activities and team bonding events that get everyone outside—our favorites are white water rafting and water balloon dodgeball!

Encourage PTO

There’s always more work to be done, and being the dutiful, wonderful, team members that they are, you may find that peeps aren’t using their vacation days. Just increasing  vacation days isn’t going to do the trick—promote time off so that everyone feels encouraged to use all their days. Make sure that there’s no stigma surrounding time off and that people aren’t vacation shaming one another. We have implemented an unlimited PTO policy, with a “minimum two-week”, to ensure that staff are taking at least two weeks of PTO per year.  Encourage your team to take this time to recharge and come back refreshed. They will benefit, and so will your company.

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