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#RememberTheTime: Our Best Worst Event Management Stories


We've all had our version of this experience. This is mine:

It was the night before a large, 1,200-person event and we'd already pulled several all-nighters (two? three?) I can't even remember. You know the state where time just loses meaning? I was there.

And then it got a lot worse: the agenda completely changed. Me and my small team knew what we had to do. We ordered the pizzas, gathered all the copiers into one large conference room and settled in. Another all-nighter with a hard deadline bearing down on us.

The hours are ticking by and we're printing and sorting and printing…and then the copiers start to break—first one, then another, and finally the third. It felt like a horror movie were people were being picked of one-by-one. It was awful. There we were, pulling copiers apart, trying to fix them. I don't know if you know this but I'm not a copier repairperson. But we (somehow) managed to coax one of them to the finish line and we (somehow) got everything printed. I think the last agenda was collated as the sun rose. But that didn't alter the fact that I'd just lived through an incredibly frustrating and stressful night that probably took years off my life.

There was a silver lining, however. I was so frustrated by that disaster over something that shouldn't have been so hard—organizing information—that I decided to do something about it. Several years of building, testing, and refinement later and now Hubb has provided that better way.

If there is one thing I've learned from my decades in the event management trenches is that we all have similar war stories (and that we all love the share them). So, tell us: what was your worst event management disaster? What was the day (or night) that you look back on and just shake your head? Share your stories in the comments here or tweet them at us using the hashtag #RememberTheTime.

Update: Your stories are in and they're hilarious. See our favorites here

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