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Re-inventing events: Introducing Hubb’s new look

By Hubb on Sep 16, 2020 / Category: Hubb news / 0 Comments / Tags: Hubb news


This is an exciting week at Hubb. We are rolling out not only a new website, but also are unveiling an updated logo and brand identity. Our site has a vibrant new look, that showcases the ways in which Hubb is pushing the boundaries of what events can be.  

Why a brand refresh?  

Hubb is on a mission to transform the events industry through thoughtfully designed technology that powers immersive experiences and generates meaningful connections. We do this because we believe in the power of events and because event planners are our heroes. We understand them from the inside out because that’s where we got our start.  

This is something that has been our minds for quite some time, but with advent of the COVID pandemic and the wholesale changes it brought to the events industry, we knew it was time to make the shift. The world has changed, and we’ve changed along with it. It was time to re-think how and where and when we deliver engaging experience. We’ve gone all-in on finding ways to help event planners do what they’ve always done—but in entirely fresh and new ways.  

Our goal is two-fold—to maintain a sense of continuity between our core selves that hasn’t changed, and to boldly showcase our industry leading vision for the future.   

All roads lead to Hubb blue 

Our primary Hubb blue stays with us but we’ve added in a new gradient and supporting color palette. Our gradient representation of purple echoes the events industry, which requires both organization and the ability to stay Zen among the energy and chaos. The gradient represents the journey of energy into calmness and ends in a transition to Hubb blue—the coolest, calmest blue at the end of the spectrum.  

Our logo re-envisions the conversation bubble, moving it from a separate element to one that surrounds Hubb, showcasing our commitment to inclusivity and to powering meaningful connections.   

OLD                                                            NEW

Hubb Logo 353x159  ⇒           Hubb logos_Hubb logo outline - Blue


Being our true selves 

The Hubb team is inspired by our highly collaborative, accepting and authentic way of working. At Hubb, you have the freedom and respect to be heard, contribute and make an impact. It’s a place where you can be your whole self and not be judged for what’s on the surface. Diversity and inclusion are in our DNA.   

We bring this passion and inspiration into everything we do—from building a product that enables event planners to deliver beautiful, immersive virtual and hybrid event experiences—to the way we go above to help you design empathetic, inclusive experiences, and to make sure your event goes off flawlessly. It was important for us that our brand reflects who we are and what we do.   

What we believe in  

We believe in the power of events. An event as an experience. It’s something that happens when you meet someone for the first time, learn something new, extend yourself.  

An event is something that happens inside. In your mind. In your body. In your heart. 

You feel something: A human connection. An opening. An insight. An awakening. 

You’re different than you were before. You’re richer for the experience. A bit smarter, maybe. You feel connected to something bigger than yourself. You’re energized. You grow. 

It doesn’t matter if it happens in a convention hall, a hotel ballroom, a conference center or sitting at home in front of a screen in your yoga pants. A virtual event can be just as powerful as an onsite event. Even more powerful, if it’s done right. And it can be amazingly inclusive.  

This is what we’ve learned after years of planning, managing and producing events ourselves. We’ve seen the potential for events to be forces for good in business and organizational life. And we’ve channeled our passion into technology that enables event managers to become game changers, strategic partners and all-around behind-the-scenes heroes.  

Because an event is not just a bunch of people getting together in a space to learn new stuff. An event is an opportunity for us to reconnect to what makes us human.  

We love that. That’s what excites us. That’s the power of events. 


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