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Production in the Age of Hybrid Events Webinar

Illustration of Production team doing a live broadcastA flawless and impactful experience is what every planner wants for their audience. One of the most important factors to deliver this experience is high-quality production. It's what will give your content a sense of place, a sense of professionalism, a sense that you are experiencing something special. And as we move in to an age of hybrid events, it is also one of the main tools to connect the virtual and in-person audiences.

The challenge for many of us planners is that we have no idea what a hybrid event looks like, let alone what hybrid means for our own event. As an industry, we are just starting to experiment with hybrid formats and testing new ways to connect our disparate audiences. On top of this, we are working with reduced budgets, but asked to throw what is essentially two events in one. For many of us, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear "hybrid" is "expensive." 

All of these unknowns and challenges can make planning and executing a hybrid event seem impossible. That's why we are bringing together three incredible event production veterans, to show you that hybrid events not only are doable, but can take the best elements of virtual and in-person while discarding the worst. Hilary Laney, CEO at Evia, Jennifer Kingen Kush, Founder at Kingen Kush Solutions, and Laurel Miller, CEO at Seamless Event Solutions have done hybrid events for years and are at the forefront of testing new strategies and tools. They know the tech and equipment requirements to host a hybrid event and can share what is essential and what is simply a nice to have.


In case you missed the session live, you can watch the recording below. In addition, our amazing panelists shared some of their key takeaways from planning previous hybrid events. You can see them here. Happy planning!


Presented by:

Hilary Laney Headshot CircleHilary Laney

Owner and CEO



Jennifer Kingen Kush Headshot CircleJennifer Kingen Kush, DES,

Founder and Strategist

Kingen Kush Event Solutions, LLC.


Laurel Miller Headshot 1 CircleLaurel Miller


Seamless Event Solutions


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