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New to Hubb in March

By Hubb on Mar 31, 2017 / Category: Hubb / 0 Comments / Tags: Hubb


Our busy tech team rolled out five new product updates in March!  These updates have been all about making Hubb an even-more flexible time saving tool. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Need to go back and view what changes you made to your databases? You can now view your data history and track changes.
  • Custom emails are more flexible; you can filter by more variables.
  • You can now add a speaker from the All Sessions page, saving you time.
  • Customizing the Welcome Message Admin dashboard? You can now use Javascript!
  • Track Owners can now view speaker details by click on their session details! No need to navigate to another tab.
  • Staffers and Staffing leads can be quickly invited into Hubb by using the email tool.
  • Our email tool keeps getting better and more flexible; you can now filter emails based on custom fields.
  • Analyzing evaluations with Hubb is easier; you can now store numeric evaluation responses, in addition to text answers, for easy calculations.
  • Admins have even greater control over which fields specific roles can and cannot edit.
  • We've made easier to view session status in our reports.

Have an idea for how we can improve Hubb or a feature you’d like to see? Let us know!

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