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New to Hubb in February

By Hubb on Feb 28, 2017 / Category: Hubb / 0 Comments / Tags: Hubb


February was another big month of improvements and refinements with Hubb! Our tech team added new features and made existing ones even more powerful yet simple to use.

Here's how Hubb became even better over the past 28 days:
  • Do you offer different sponsorship levels for your event? You can now customize the dashboard each level sees within Hubb.
  • You now have greater flexibility over the types of resources you can require from speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors.
  • Spend even less time chasing down missing or incorrect information; you can now set the size and file types sponsors and exhibitors can upload into Hubb. Foolproof for exhibitors, simple for you.
  • Our staffing management tool is now more intuitive and customizable!
  • Reduce your workload; you can now set what resource types, such as logos, can be automatically published without your approval.
  • We've made Hubb prettier and easier to use for sponsors uploading images.
  • Emails are even easier to edit; you can create and style emails without any coding knowledge at all!
  • Our Abila integration is now more flexible & powerful.
  • We improved our email tool by making it super easy to identify who to send emails to based on custom fields you set. We've also made the email too more accessible within Hubb.
  • We've made Hubb more flexible by expanding what information you can export.
  • All around API updates to improve functionality; connect more data, easily.

Have an idea for how we can improve Hubb or a feature you’d like to see? Let us know!

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