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Meetings management just got so much easier

By Hubb on Jun 19, 2018 / Category: news, / meetings management / 0 Comments / Tags: news, meetings management

Hubb Meetings management

 It’s finally time for you to become the meetings management pro your mom always believed you could be (and get out of excel hell for good).

We are super excited to announce the release of Hubb Meetings.

With Hubb Meetings, you can organize side, executive, ICW or other meetings for any event. Unlike other systems, the control is in your hands to personalize your entire meetings setup. You can curate meeting locations, monitor meeting types, and individualize roles (salesperson, technical expert, attendee, unicorn wrangler…you want it, you got it).

The best part? You, as the meetings admin, can log in and make changes or updates at any time, without needing any technical support.

Scheduling personal interactions

At Hubb, we know that events are all about bringing people together. The ability to schedule face-to-face interactions adds value for everyone at your conference or event.

Attendees, vendors, staff and others have the freedom to schedule their own meetups. That means everyone can maximize their own time to have a productive, value-driven experience.

Hubb meetings management

Eliminate manual scheduling headaches

Your executives will be happy making more efficient use of their time. Attendees and vendors will love the filterable calendar, so they can set up and view their meeting schedule.

You’ll love saying goodbye to spreadsheet nightmares for good.

Everybody wins! 

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a demo.

See Hubb Meetings in action



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