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WEBINAR: Join the In(clusive) Crowd: Creating Inclusive and Accessible Events

Join the Inclusive Crowd Creating Inclusive and Accessible Events

How well do you know your attendees? Do you know how many attendees are hearing impaired or have mobility requirements? How about how many have specialized learning needs? In this webinar, learn how to create inclusive and accessible events for all of your attendees. 

Our audiences are diverse, often in ways we never realize. Only by actively seeking to understand the specific needs of our attendees and then designing inclusive events can we ensure we create experiences that engage all our attendees. If you want to maximize the impact of your event, make it inclusive.

For our October webinar, Hubb founder Allie Magyar shares how to better understand your attendees, go beyond traditional definitions of accessibility, and create inclusive events that will “wow!” all your attendees, no matter what their needs.

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Allie MagyarHubb CEO Allie Magyar is a CMP-certified events industry entrepreneur and technology maven with nearly two decades of experience. Not only the founder of Hubb, she's the technical lead for the world's largest IT user conference. She was recently named a Top Woman Entrepreneur by Smart Meetings Magazine and has spoken about events and technology at events like CEMA, Event Tech Live, IMEX America and ACT-W.


Our next webinar will be the last week of November and will cover content strategy for events. 

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