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How Hubb Helped Dog Food Con Manage Their Event Content


The event architects at Dynamic Events are in the business of designing and executing events that our clients can be proud of and that meet their brand objectives, filled with valuable experiences crafted to bring people together.

But as any event planner knows, the path between idea and event is long and too often filled with speed bumps, landmines, and a mountain of tasks and tactical activities that can chew up our time and cause us to lose sight of the big picture.

When we started in 1998, charting that path involved ever-more-complicated spreadsheets, countless hours of phone calls, and thousands of emails ping-ponging back and forth, just to select the sessions and manage the speakers!

Why wasn’t there an app for that?

After searching through all the available software solutions and not finding what we needed, we decided to start from scratch, and untangling the whole event content management mess seemed like a great place to begin.

All You Need is Hubb

The request to our development team was straightforward: create a self-service solution that would help us find and untie all the knots in the speaker selection, approval, and content management process. Our goal was to streamline the workflow so our planners could use more of their time to focus on the big picture of creating meaningful experiences for our attendees and clients. And with any luck, we’d get our nights and weekends back too.

Our first version of Hubb was only used internally and focused exclusively on session and speaker content management. It was pretty rough around the edges at first, but saved us thousands of hours, reminded us what sleeping in on Saturdays felt like, and allowed us to spend more of our working time coming up with new ways to engage and provide value for our audience.

As we continued to evolve Hubb and talk about it to our friends and colleagues in the industry, we started getting requests from other meeting planners about using Hubb for their events. The better Hubb got, the more comfortable we were with that idea, and (long story short) 3 years of continual development culminated in releasing Hubb into the world as a standalone product.

Hubb has grown to become a self-service platform that manages not just speaker and session content, but also sponsors and exhibitors, an integrated attendee experience, and a customizable mobile app.

It has been such a rewarding journey, starting with "There just has to be a better way!" to using Hubb internally (warts and all), to where we are now – with Hubb helping event architects everywhere remember what weekends are, what it’s like to leave the office before dark, and with renewed energy to direct toward producing memorable events.

One of Hubb's favorite clients is the Dog Food Conference, a Microsoft focused IT event in its 5th year of growth. Dog Food Con is a two day, volunteer-staffed event with 80+ sessions, so using Hubb as the central publishing platform for all of its content made a lot of sense. 

Dogfood Case Study


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