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Free Webinar: Keeping Up with Event Tech Trends


Event technology enables us to be far better event managers. It's why we love it. But before we dove into event tech full time, we found it difficult to keep up with. With all the news and (often contradictory) opinions flying around, it was overwhelming, and we didn't know who to turn to for advice. Sound familiar?  

We in the Event Tech Tribe believe sorting through what’s happening and important with event technology doesn’t have to be challenging. So, we've put together a webinar for event profs of all skill and experience levels, designed to help you stay on top of event tech trends with minimal effort.

The April edition of our Event Intelligence Webinar Series will dive into the latest and greatest event tech trends. Hosted by Marie-Clair-Andrews_100x100-1.jpgMarie-Claire Andrews and Lara Simmons of Event Tech Tribe-member ShowGizmo, these two highly accomplished eventprofs with a deep well of event industry knowledge and experience will simplifyLara-100x100-1.png what's going on with event tech. You'll learn what to know, where to look, and how to cut through the hype. You'll learn how understand the jargon and analyze tools to understand which will provide the greatest benefit to your events. Finally, you'll learn Marie-Claire and Lara's favorite websites and tools for staying on top of event technology news and developments, so you can continue to grow as an event tech guru!

Event Tech Trends: What to Know, Who to Follow & How to Cut Through the Noise

Date: April 26, 2017
Time: 2:30pm PDT / 5:30pm EDT

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