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Four Ways to Supercharge Your Events and Meetings Through Automation


People come to events and go to meetings to learn new stuff—about products, people, trends, technologies— to make connections and to close deals. 

That all takes content: before, during and after the event. It’s a lot of content to manage. And it’s really crazy, but event managers have been doing this for way too long with email and spreadsheets.

There’s a better way. It’s called event and meetings automation.

So how can event automation drive business goals? Here are four ways:

Eliminating menial tasks. At its most basic level, automation takes routine tasks off your plates. That allows you to focus more on big-picture strategies and increase the value of your events—while you increase your value to the organization. 

Think of all the emails you send out. There are calls for papers and abstract grading. The myriad tasks involved with speaker and session management. Sponsor and exhibitor management. Staffing management. Onsite sales and expert meetings.

Now imagine that you had a little genie that could do all that stuff for you. 

That little genie is event automation. It does the work of sending out reminders and notifications. It makes sure only those people who need reminders get them. It streamlines how you collect, manage and market content for events.

Keeping track of content. You amass all that content. Then you have to wrangle it. 

In the past, every time a change was made in one place, it had to be carried over to half-a-dozen or more places. It was event management’s version of whack-a-mole: Make a change in one spreadsheet, and it pops up somewhere else. So you’d update your spreadsheets and then notify the web developer, sign maker (and probably reprint signs), the onsite signage people, the room schedulers, the speakers, and so on.

It was a system rife with duplication and error.

Today, event automation has eliminated that. With cloud connectivity, event automation tools and APIs that allow applications to play nicely together, you only need to make one change. The application then automatically pushes it out to the website, the mobile app, the onsite digital signage and the event registration providers.

No more double-checking that everyone got the memo. No more reprinting of event information. Fewer chances for error. Everybody knows what they need to know, immediately.

Managing conference meetings with confidence. A lot of the action at events happens outside the sessions. Today, event meetings—meetings within meetings—have become critical for moving business forward and proving the value of your event.

At first, it might have been easy to organize these meetings with a spreadsheet and email. But as meetings have exploded in popularity, and your organization has grown in size and complexity, it has become unwieldy if not downright impossible to manage with the same old tools—and you definitely couldn’t track associated revenue or pipeline.

With automation tools, however, you can organize hundreds—even thousands—of executive,  sales, expert, ICW and other meetings with ease. Availabilities are visible. Appointments are made. Calendars synced. Rooms reserved. Business gets conducted, relationships strengthened, deals done.

Improving attendee engagement. Recommendation engines have become the event-tech version of the matchmaker. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, these virtual connectors figure out who should be talking to whom, where and when. They learn from the attendee’s profile, locations and behaviors at the event to paint a multi-dimensional picture of who an event attendee actually is and what he or she really wants. Then they suggest the best content and speakers, introduce exhibitors to better-qualified prospects, and provide location and venue data to present the best rooms for sessions. It’s like having an assistant research every attendee and every event for the best possible use of their boss’s time and effort.

Event automation drives business goals

Automation is creating amazing opportunities for event managers. And it’s not only about making things easier for you—which, let’s face it—is super-important. It’s also about driving business goals. You know, the “little” things like getting a better return on our investment, getting attendees more deeply engaged, increasing registrations, and making our sponsors and exhibitors happy.

At Hubb, we’re all about event automation. Give us a call or contact us, and we’ll show you how event automation can streamline your next event, conference, show or meeting.

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