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[Infographic] Event content by the numbers


Hubb has supported hundreds of events and powered connections between thousands of people. And one important lesson we’ve learned from our customers is that everybody takes a slightly different approach to event management.
That’s right. The one thing everybody has in common is they’re all different. They’re using distinctive approaches to event management systems, timelines, strategies and more.

And that’s cool; different strokes for different folks, right? But we also hear that event managers sometimes feel like they are working in a silo because there is no one else at their company who does what they do. Are they being as efficient as they could be? Are they creating the best events they can in the best way possible?

At Hubb, we strive to be a resource, sleuthing out best practices to help everyone do great work. Because we know that a rising tide lifts all boats, and by supporting the creation of amazing events, we’re doing our part to help move the events industry forward.

In this infographic, we show some of the of the call-for-content standards and best practices we’ve observed across industries and business types.


Hubb-Event Content-by-the-Numbers-Infographic-01

You’re not alone! Even if you just need a hug or a high-five, Hubb is here to help. 

 Hubb-Laptop-PowerBI-Screenshot-1Are you looking for a better way to tame the chaos of event management?Check out Hubb’s event management solutions.

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