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Calculate the ROI of Automating Your Event Content Management

By Hubb on May 01, 2018 / Category: Event Technology, / roi / 0 Comments / Tags: Event Technology, roi

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These two things are true:

One: time is money.
Two: holy hell does managing a conference take a lot of time!

We're stating the obvious, but if you have to manage speakers, graders, sessions, sponsors, and speakers on top of all the other logistics, it’s a huge time and resource drain to manage it all.

If you’re familiar with our blog, you know that event tech tools (like Hubb) can save you a lot of time on managing your event's content.

But how much time?

Well, that's the (sometimes literally) the million-dollar question!

To help, we've created an ROI Calculator to measure the ROI of event tech. This simple tool allows you calculate how much time Hubb could save you with managing your event, and the value of that time on your bottom line. Use it to convince your boss, your team, or yourself, about the value a tool like Hubb can provide.

Here are two quick examples:

Have 500 submissions and 5 graders for your 50-session event? With Hubb, you'll save 700 hours (and $21,500). Have 50 submissions, 2 graders and 10 speakers? You'll save 300 hours and $10,000 with Hubb.

Try the Calculator Now!

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