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[Webinar] Using chatbots to enhance the event experience

By Hubb on Jul 17, 2018 / Category: webinar, / chatbots / 0 Comments / Tags: webinar, chatbots

Using chatbots to enhance event experience webinar

You know how you can send event attendees clear, concise informational emails, but they never really look at them or even think about the event until right before it happens? And then you’re inundated with thousands of last-minute questions?

Well, there’s a chatbot out there who can help you out. 

If you haven’t yet experimented with chatbot technology at your events, or if you have and want to learn more about the different ways chatbots can make your job as an event planner easier, this webinar is for you.

Hosted by Robert Caldwell, a founding partner at Sciensio, Hubb’s July webinar will cover the real-world application of chatbots in the event industry by reviewing key industry trends and individual case studies.


Chatbots can serve as virtual concierges, helping attendees figure out where they’re supposed to go for sessions, where the bathrooms are located, what’s for lunch, etc. They can be integrated with text messaging, Facebook Messenger and event websites and apps. And the best part? They never sleep and can answer those questions 24 hours a day, giving you and your email inbox a break.

Learn best practices for using this technology to design great conversations and experiences at your events.

Robert Caldwell

Presented by: 

Robert Caldwell is a Founding Partner and lead investor at Sciensio, which creates chatbots that support on-demand communication at events, which lowers costs and solves the problems clients are facing.





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