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Virtual Events are Here to Stay. Are You Prepared? An eMarketer Webinar

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When we look back on this past year, it's amazing how far we have come. We started 2020 treating virtual events as the red-headed step child—something that was an add-on for attendees that couldn't attend in-person. They were limited in content and were often no more than a glorified live-stream of the keynotes.  As an industry we learned how to make virtual events rock through an education in the trenches, hosting thousands of virtual events where brands and companies staked their entire futures on this largely untested format.

So as we approach the rest of 2021, we are battle hardened and know a lot about what works and what doesn't. To help us share the knowledge, we have partnered with eMarketer in their next webinar, Virtual Events Are Here to Stay. Are You Prepared? Principal analyst, Jillian Ryan, has done a deep dive into last year's virtual events collecting voices and data from all around the events industry.  During this upcoming session, she will present her findings on how to execute a quality B2B Virtual Event. We'll discuss how to determine goals for virtual events vs. in person, how to select the right virtual event technology platform, and what the future of events will look like.

As a bonus, our own Allie Magyar will join Jillian in a Q&A, so make sure to bring your most burning questions. Oh, and the bonuses continue as you will receive their updated playbook for virtual events, from start to finish. But wait... there's more! (sorry we couldn't resist) You'll also get a copy of our Data-Driven Virtual Event guide to help you harness the power of event data to inform your strategy and virtual event design.

You can watch the session by clicking the button below. Happy planning #eventprofs!

View the session!

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