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What We Talk About When We Talk About Inclusion at Events

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If you were to bump into another event planner on the street (I know, what a 2019 thing to say) and ask them why they joined the events industry, chances are they would say something about how they love to bring people together. It's the magic of events; it's all about that human connection; I love meeting new people and creating lifelong friendships. And we absolutely agree. So why is it that an industry made up of people who's passion is to bring people together, too often leave people out or make them feel unwelcome?

No, it's not because event planners are mean people. Most likely, it's because there is a knowledge gap to creating an inclusive event. And when you're trying to do a million-and-one things as you design your event, it's difficult to incorporate something you're not even aware of. Oh, and did we mention that the entire industry has changed this past year, so you have to learn an entirely new way of hosting events? The good news is that in many ways, this shift has actually made it easier to create an inclusive and engaging environment.

So to bridge that knowledge gap and show you how DEI practices have changed with virtual and hybrid events, we have assembled an expert panel. Join Rosemarie Rossetti, Derrick Johnson, Nicole Benner, and our own Allie Magyar as they discuss their experiences and share best practices around designing an inclusive and engaging environment.

If you missed it live, you can still catch the recording by hitting the play button below. It was an incredible panel full of powerful stories and inspiring messages from our panelists. They shared several actionable strategies that you can use, right now, to make your next event more inclusive.

With the help of our speakers, as well as the audience at the live session, we put together a resource index full of helpful guides and articles that discuss everything from legal requirements to new technologies to overcome barriers. Click the button below to get your copy.

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