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Creating WOW Moments for Events

Creating Wow Moments for Your Events

When you plan an event, it can be easy to get caught up in the web of scheduling, vendor selection, ticket sales, and so on. In the mad rush of people shuffling to find their chosen sessions and mingling with speakers, it can be difficult to catch the attention of your attendees. In order to maximize the impact of your event, you need to dive deeper into creating opportunities that inspire attendees to slow down, marvel, and interact. We in the events industry call those engaging opportunities: WOW Moments.

WOW Moments can involve a number of ideas and approaches. Whether it's exciting performances or demonstrating the latest technological spectacle, WOW Moments essentially act as an event's water cooler where your attendees can come together, talk with each other, and become better acquainted with your product news and benefits.  

At events like Ignite, WOW Moments are the name of the game. I welcome you to check out this brief overview of WOW Moments inspired by our conversation with Smart Meetings

Creating WOW Moments

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