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Creating Engagement: Build Community Before, During and After the Event

Creating engagement by building community at events

Your conference is alive and buzzing with animated conversations, electric presentations and social media sharing. How do you keep the momentum going? By involving attendees at every stage of the process.

It’s all about engagement! In this post, we’ll share tips on how to engage with attendees throughout the entire process—before, during and after the event.


Focus your efforts on bringing speakers, sponsors and attendees into a digital community through your event app. Get attendees involved early and often.

Through the closed social media ecosystem of the event app, you provide a forum for attendees to network with each other weeks or months in advance. Attendees can start up or join in conversations with one another, publish updates to external social networks, arrange meetings and coordinate their schedules.

  • Encourage attendees to plan their schedules within the event platform calendar, choosing the speakers they want to hear and the sessions they want to attend to maximize their time onsite.
  • Have presenters deepen engagement with attendees by starting conversations in the event app or soliciting questions for panelists to answer during the presentation.
  • Get speakers to leverage the app for feedback on attendees’ expectations for their presentations.
  • Spur organic in-app engagement even further through promoted posts, gamification, live polls, surveys and exclusive in-app content.

During the Event

As the event unfolds, build excitement with live updates from the floor, tips on popular sessions, notices of changes and advice for getting the most of the conference experience.

  • Send targeted emails based on their in-app activities such as posting status updates, liking and interacting with each other.
  • Encourage attendees to share their conference photos and videos within the app. Then promote those to the community.
  • Have attendees use the event app’s calendar to create meetings with other attendees or speakers.
  • Use gamification to stir excitement through giveaways, competitions, games and prizes.


After the event, keep the momentum rolling by continuing to share content and engage with your audience. Your goal is to serve as a sort of matchmaker, facilitating productive relationships with peers—and with your brand—that will continue well past your closing session.

  • Share recaps of presentations and thought pieces sparked by discussions on the activity feed, session videos, photos and testimonials.
  • Include a mix of offline, informative, responsive and interactive content.
  • With the data you’ve captured from the event app, tap this rich resource of ideas for webinars, blog posts, white papers and case studies.

Master engagement for business success

Once you’ve learned how to master engagement strategies, your event will live on through strategic followup, ongoing networking and positive brand associations. By creating, curating and leveraging solid content before, during and after the event, you can move attendees from passive participants to energized enthusiasts and help achieve your business goals.

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