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Creating a Strategic Virtual Event Plan that Works Webinar

By Hubb on Jun 22, 2020 / Category: webinar, / virtual events / 0 Comments / Tags: webinar, virtual events


Virtual and hybrid events have a lot of moving parts. While many of them may be the same as in-person events, a whole bunch are new and unknown. Whether it’s choosing from a myriad of platforms that all do different things or not knowing how much bandwidth you need for your virtual sessions, or even what type of virtual sessions you need, planning a virtual event can quickly become overwhelming. Fortunately, this webinar will give you tools to streamline and coordinate the planning process and turn some of those unknowns into knowns. And we’re not talking about tools in the abstract, but actual templates like our Virtual Event Budget Template and our Strategic Virtual Event Execution Plan Template that you can copy and steal for your next conference or trade show. 

Our goal in this webinar is to provide you with a guide that you can reference and use to make your next virtual or hybrid event a huge success. That means that we won’t shy away from the nitty gritty of budgeting and real talk about money. We’ll cover how to estimate the costs for: the number of sessions, how long they are, how many exhibitors, whether you need hosted content, what types of meetings you want, and whether you will have live streaming or on-demand or both. Our template even gives guides on how much to budget for things like platform costs, AV, managed production services, and more. As you can see, we want to give you the know how to not only create an excellent Strategic Virtual Event Plan, but to avoid pitfalls and scams when it comes time to execute on that plan.

Now that you have crafted a Strategic Virtual Event Plan that actually works, it’s time to execute it. And the first step in that execution is to get your stakeholders, including management, on board. It would be an absolute nightmare for you to spend all this time on the plan only to have it rejected. So this webinar will show you how to sell your plan and event goals to any type of stakeholder with best practices from veteran event planners. 

With real tools and invaluable information from two veteran event planners, Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey, CEO of Nifty Method Marketing & Events, and Allie Magyar, CEO of Hubb, this is one webinar you will not want to miss.


Missed the webinar, or just want to watch it again? Click the play button below! If you just want the slides, then follow this link.


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Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey Circle Headshot

Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey, CEO, Nifty Method Marketing & Events

Lindsay Martin-Bilbrey is an accomplished speaker (though she prefers to be backstage with a headset), #eventicons host, event prof, and marketer with work featured in the New York Times. Lindsay and her team have worked with brands including Ford Motor Company, American Bar Association, Harvard Business School, and many more.


Allie Circle Headshot 1

Allie Magyar, Founder and CEO, Hubb

Allie Magyar is a skilled entrepreneur and technology maven with over 15 years of experience driving successful technology-enabled service companies. She founded Hubb in 2015 to build a technology solution that directly addressed the event technology needs of meeting planners as they manage the overload of information for their events. As CEO of Hubb, Allie directs the company’s strategic direction with an emphasis on partnerships, integrations, and growth. A renowned speaker, Allie is a member of Vistage, a two-time Inc. 5000 award winner, and was named a 2017 Top Women Entrepreneur by Smart Meetings, was a 2018 EY Pacific NW Entrepreneur of the Year finalist, and in 2019 was named to Smart Meetings Women in Events Hall of Fame, as was as a finalist for Entrepreneurial Achievement at the OEN Tom Holce Awards.


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