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Celebrating Women in the Meetings Industry

By Allie Magyar on Jul 03, 2019 / Category: Hubb, / Allie Magyar, / Event analytics / 0 Comments / Tags: Hubb, Allie Magyar, Event analytics

Celebrating Women in Meetings Industry Allie Magyar, Hubb Founder

I’m thrilled to have been chosen for the 2019 Smart Women in Meetings Hall of Fame award. This award celebrates female trailblazers and entrepreneurs in the meetings industry, who I joined with to celebrate this award in Las Vegas. Sharing the moment with role models such as Carrie Abernathy of AWE, tech evangelist Dahlia El Gazar and Liz Lathan of Haute Dokimazo left me feeling energized and excited for what’s to come.

I’m grateful for the leadership of Smart Meeting’s editor in chief, Marin Bright, for providing an avenue to bring together such a fabulous roster of inspirational women in our industry. The celebration that Marin and her team put on featured a fun photo booth and a new Haute Dokimazo-style format where attendees were able to discuss specific topics from everyone’s perspective. I loved this format because it allowed everyone to share and contribute and I learned a lot in a short amount of time.

Joining the other incredible women who’ve received the Smart Women in Meetings award is such an honor. As a veteran of the meetings industry and female entrepreneur, this recognition serves as a validation of the work that I’m doing as the leader of Hubb. Our team’s mission is to bring order to the chaos of the most time-consuming aspects of event management and improve event experiences for everyone involved. I appreciate the support and recognition of our hard work from the team at Smart Meetings.

With gratitude,

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