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Can You Measure Event Tech ROI?

Can you measure event tech roi

You know the cost of your tech (you've got the invoice), but do you know what you're getting back? It's the million-dollar question (sometimes literally!). But how do you measure event tech ROI? 

Occasionally calculating the return of event technology is straightforward—the impact of a new registration platform or marketing tool is easy to see in terms of attendees and dollars.

What about other types of tools? The benefits provided by many other tools are not immediately measurable, but no less important. Tools that save time are incredibly valuable but how do you show the return? It's a bit like trying to calculate the ROI of a washing machine. There is an upfront cost and the return on that investment isn't in dollars, it's in time and labor saved. Yet it's clearly worth it—who still does laundry by hand?

The problem of how to measure event tech ROI is especially acute for events, where lack of time is one of our greatest pressures. Technology that saves us time has a lot of value, and an hour saved is an hour you can use on more valuable tasks…or sleep! As they say, Time is Money. And as they should say, tools that prevent all-nighters and working over the weekend are better than money.

We’re big on solutions here at Hubb, so we've created a simple ROI Calculator that shows the value of time-saving event tech. Add the details of your event—the number of sessions, graders, speakers whether you have an app and more—and it will show how much time you can save, and the value of that time.

Try the Calculator Now!

No more guessing at the return on event technology. Now you can see its value in plain dollars. Play with the ROI Calculator here and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Here’s to time savings!

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