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Business Unusual:  Virtual Events & COVID-19

By Allie Magyar on Mar 05, 2020 / Category: virtual events / 0 Comments / Tags: virtual events

In the last few weeks, I have been consistently reminded of the feeling I had in 2008 when I was leading a variety of high-tech meetings while the events world was falling apart due to the economy. It’s a good thing that meeting planners are one of the most resilient bunches of people I know!   

Our events world is upended once again and it takes pivoting to adapt (and maybe a few glasses of wine).  The phrase “the show must go on” is even more pertinent in today’s craziness. The good news is, unlike 2008, our industry now has options. Even if the physical event is cancelled, or reduced in size, there are ways to still engage with your audiences, share your content and messaging, and even enable attendees to connect virtually. That way you continue to build brand loyalty and grow pipeline and these solutions can exist hand in hand together, whether live or virtual to provide you a backup plan for your meetings. 


At Hubb, we believe strongly in an event’s meaningful connections through content and meetings. Over the last week we’ve been in conversation with our growing base of 50+ tech partners, industry advisors and experts in virtual events to see how we can be a resource for you—and it’s resulted in two ways that we hope to help. 


First is a webinar that we are doing next Thursday, March 12. It’s virtual events 101 and covers off on what elements are most important in a virtual event, how can we leverage all of the content we’ve built up heading into our event, impact moments virtually, even down to the tactical questions of internet speeds, scalability and measurement. You can register HERE

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The second is that we want to make solutions as easy as possible.  We have worked with Evia Events & Learn on Demand Systems over the last 5 years in managing some of the world’s largest technology conferences and roadshows with virtual event solutions.  With our proven integrations, you can use Hubb’s schedule builder to embed your event’s presentation videos, whether pre-recorded or live, engage with the content and even have it translated and transcribed into a variety of different languages.  You can also connect virtually to hands on labs to provide your attendees with their desired certifications.   Meetings can still happen too with virtual connections to your experts, attendees or sales teams! Allow attendees to add virtual conferencing into the meeting location including Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Webex.  These tools combined together can allow you to quickly stand up a virtual alternative to an onsite conference, workshop or training class.  We posted a press release about that this morning that you can find here 


We know how hard this is for you right now.  Your work in curating the right content and connecting your attendees and experts can result in something powerful—and you don’t want to feel that it’s gone to waste. We hope to be a resource for you over the next few weeks, whether that is answering questions, connecting you to solutions, or providing details on how to best leverage the content you already have in Hubb to engage your audiences and continue your business momentum.



Allie Magyar

Hubb CEO


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