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Better Events Through Personalization


What’s the best way to improve your event experience? Personalization.  Without a doubt, the more you can make attendees feel that an event is right for them, the greater the satisfaction level. 

In many ways, you already personalize your attendees’ experiences.  For starters, you’ve sent them invitations to events that matter to them.  That’s a very real connection. Maybe you’ve also selected potential attendees based on their geography because you know it will be easy and affordable for them to attend.  And maybe you’ve designed the whole event to be user friendly, convenient and engaging.  That’s the kind of thinking that tells your attendees (and exhibitors) that you take them seriously.

All great starts, but with today’s technology, the event experience can be tailored much more closely to the attendee. Not a one size fits all, but shaped and cut for each individual.

Why Personalize?

Before we discuss how this happens, let’s talk about why.  As we said, the more you can let attendees feel like an event is the right fit for them, the better. What does this do for you and your organization? It leads to:

  • More attendees
  • More revenue
  • Greater awareness
  • Greater loyalty/repeat business
  • Enhanced reputation

First, Do Your Homework

The goal in personalization is to have each attendee and exhibitor follow an event journey, from beginning to end, that’s custom made for them. This can even include the event’s website, but definitely includes the speaker offerings, the venue, the people they meet and even your follow-up.  The key to it all is data and technology.

If you’ve haven’t heard the term “data-driven event,” it’s time to introduce you to this concept.  Today, with all the digital tools available to us, event and attendee behavior can be tracked and quantified, and that data can be used to continuously improve your events.

By capturing as much information as you can,  patterns of behavior can be found and learned from them. Who is most engaged with your event? Who isn’t and why?  These are some of the questions you want answers to. 

It starts with attendee profiles – very detailed ones – and includes relying on information from pre-event surveys, emails and data-entry and continues into the event by tracking meetings attended, feedback, and onsite location services. Post-event information in the form of follow-up and other communication touch points are also very important.

You don’t have to be a data scientist. You can start with a few simple categories, such as job title and years of experience, and build models from there. The goal is to discover which people are best served and how to better serve others that have the similar profiles and activity.

Make Use of Technology

We're all accustomed by Netflix and Amazon to getting served up custom recommendations. Did you know you could do the same thing at your event?  In recent years, recommendation engines have come to be seen as the event-tech version of the matchmaker. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, these virtual connectors figure out who should be talking to whom, where and when. 

Tools like Hubb incorporate a sophisticated recommendations engine based on profiles and behavioral data that can serve up customer recommendations to attendees around sessions, exhibitors and more. Hubb’s recommendation engine is extremely robust, allowing it to learn from attendee profiles, locations and behaviors at the event, helping it paint a multi-dimensional picture of who an event attendee is and what he or she really wants. Then it suggests the best content and speakers, introduce exhibitors to better-qualified prospects, and provides location and venue data to present the best rooms for sessions. It’s like having an assistant research every attendee and every event for the best possible use of your time and effort. And attendees, no matter how disparate their backgrounds, will feel like the event is a perfect fit for them!

These things add real value to the experience, for attendees, exhibitors and speakers. But most importantly, it’s suited perfectly for event planners like you!

Want to learn more about how Hubb can help you personalize your event experience? We love talking event strategy!

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