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The best event planning webinars for eventprofs


Webinars are a useful tool for learning insights and techniques from some of the smartest eventprofs in the industry. But finding the best event planning webinars requires time and effort — neither of which most event planners have in abundance.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of great on-demand webinars all about event management. Each of these webinars offer professional development and inspiration. Enjoy! 


A simple approach to measuring event return on investment

Event ROI has become an essential everyday calculation for marketing, but measurement of the immense value provided by events has lagged. In this webinar, get new tools and approaches that make an accurate ROI calculation attainable for any event professional.

Mike Piddock, founder and CEO of Glisser, shares from his experience as a chief marketing officer in the telecom and financial services sector, where he measured the ROI of hundreds of events per year.

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Event logistics: Tips to keep your speakers happy

Allie Magyar, CEO of Hubb, and Andrea Buck, content manager at Dynamic Events, break down the most important event logistics considerations to keep your speakers happy. Learn what to include in your speaker agreement to set proper expectations; how to create an awesome speaker management work-back schedule; important details to include in your “know before you go” speaker email; and which communications will keep your speakers engaged from the start to the end of the event.


Women in Events: Building your personal brand

Marie-Claire Andrews, director of operations for the Event Tech Tribe, and Raime Merriman, marketing director at Hubb, have helped power countless events, managed teams of people, won numerous awards and are generally known for getting s#!t done!

In this webinar, Marie-Claire and Raime discuss how to build your personal brand. They’ll share some of their own war stories, provide you with some helpful tips and tools, and help you feel more empowered to make this your year.

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Get Smarter With Your Event Marketing

Leading event marketing consultant and speaker Nick Borelli explains attendee personas and influencer marketing in easy-to-understand terms, and guides you through the process using these powerful approaches to elevate your event marketing efforts.

Experiential Marketing Trends

Each year, agencyEA’s event professionals pool together their insights to develop the Experiential Marketing Trend Report — a collection of the top 10 industry trends expected to affect the event space in the year ahead. In this webinar, the marketing team discusses the trends and highlights trend-setting companies. 


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Everyday Meeting Disasters: Creative Work Arounds—And Smart Planning Strategies to Save Your Event

In this webinar, veteran meeting pros walk through eight “everyday disasters,” from medical emergencies to construction interruptions to intoxicated executives, to share their in-the-moment reactions as well as the key planning strategies in order to avoid or mitigate the problem at the next event.

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Own Post-Event Planning: How to Hit the Ground Running After Your Event

Returning to work after an event sucks. Our webinar, "Own Post-Event Planning," co-hosted with our friends at Pathable, will make it suck less. Learn what you need to do after your event to return to work energized and excited; what to tackle the your first day back in the office; which analyses and reports are essential; and how to kick-start the planning process for your next event with the lessons you just learned.

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