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Case Study: AVMA Virtual Convention

Case Study: AVMA Virtual Convention graphic with vet examining a pet dog.

Dedicated to providing educational accreditation and certification programs that protect and elevate the quality of veterinary care, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) offers its members a wide range of opportunities for professional development. The annual AVMA Convention is the organization’s flagship event, offering best-in-class continuing education that includes lectures, workshops, panels, and even hands-on labs taught by experts in veterinary medicine.

Members rely on the annual event for the chance to earn up to 21 continuing education credits. This meant that like a lot of conference planners, Michael Wilson had a problem in 2020. He needed to quickly create a virtual event that could provide these credits while not sacrificing the quality branded experience that his attendees were accustomed to. If you are a frequent reader of our blog, you know that Wilson couldn't simply pull the in-person experience that his audience knew and loved to a virtual venue. Not all in-person content translates to the virtual world. But with, Hubb's robust platform, he could bring one of their most beloved experiences, Vet Adventures right into the virtual event. "Attendees earned reward points by doing everything from commenting on a session to attending a virtual yoga class," said Wilson. 

Wilson didn't stop there, holding their annual concert, a battle of the bands, a lip-sync battle, and their Live Life Love All social reception. If you're thinking about applying to vet school right about now to attend this convention, you are not alone. With Hubb's virtual event platform and conferencing planning tools, they were able to create this diverse and engaging virtual experience that delighted their attendees. And no we're not just saying that. "Our net promoter score jumped up 12 points," said Wilson to a whopping 52 out of 60. Oh, and did we mention that they doubled their expected attendance. 

Of course, the AVMA Virtual Convention wasn't purely fun and Vet Adventures. Between their educational and training sessions, they were able to provide the continuing education credits their attendees came for. In true AVMA fashion, they embraced the virtual environment by pre-recording much of their content and freeing their speakers to engage with attendees while watching the presentation. The result was happy attendees that could directly interact with speakers in a way that would have been impossible at an in-person event.

If you want to learn more about how Wilson and AVMA knocked their 2020 Virtual Convention out of the park, you can hit play on the video below, or even better, head on over here to view the case study itself. 

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