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Announcing the Event Tech Tribe

Event Tech Tribe Hubb Swoogo Glisser ShowGizmo TRC

On planet Earth, a group of highly skilled "superheroes," each with an outstanding ability, have aligned themselves to present a unified force for good. The Avengers? No! We're the Event Tech Tribe and we're the changing how event managers and conference planners interact with event technology.

Here’s what you need to know…

What is the Event Tech Tribe?

We’re a coalition of event technology companies dedicated to building best-in-class tools designed to meet the needs event managers and conference planners. We work together on a technical level to ensure our products seamlessly integrate, and each member can access its partners’ services and solutions on behalf of its customers.

Like the individual blocks in a monumental Lego structure, the tools created by the Event Tech Tribe snap together with ease, giving you full control over the technology your event needs. Each member company is led by an experienced event management professional and we’re all committed to building best-in-class tools in our area of expertise. The Event Tech Tribe puts an unprecedented amount of power and control in the hands of event managers, where it belongs.

You can read our press release for more details.

Who are the founding members of the Event Tech Tribe and what are they awesome at?

ShowGizmo – mobile apps

Swoogo – registration

TRC – on-site specialists

Glisser – audience engagement

Hubb – content management

What should you look forward to from the Event Tech Tribe?

First, and foremost, expect powerful tools that seamlessly work together to help you put on amazing events.

We’ve also banded together to host the Event Intelligence Webinar Series. To see our upcoming webinars, and view the recordings and slides from past webinars, click the red button.

Event Tech Tribe Webinars

The Event Tech Tribe as a website and you can follow the Event Tech Tribe on twitter.

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