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[Podcasts] Behind the scenes with Allie Magyar


Hubb founder and CEO Allie Magyar was recently featured in two podcasts, sharing her journey as a lifelong entrepreneur and her recent experiences raising Hubb's Series B funding round.

The first podcast, How I Raised It, by, goes behind the scenes with startup founders who have recently completed the VC fundraising process. The second podcast, The Upper Left hosted by Lee Reeves, features business leaders who talk about scaling businesses, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Allie on How I Raised It

In this episode, Allie talks to  about the Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver, Wash.l, funding scenes, the difference between raising private equity vs. venture capital, build-vs.-buy decisions and when to acquire competitors, the Elevate Inclusion Summit, and much more.

 Allie on The Upper Left

In this episode, Allie discusses her experience managing growth and pursuing funding at Hubb.

Quote-able quote from the podcast: “As an entrepreneur there are certain things you don’t recognize early in life that you start to recognize a little bit later as you go through your journey. For me, being an entrepreneur has been a lifelong experience.” - Allie Magyar

Interested in keeping up with Allie's latest entrepreneurial accomplishments? Follow her on Twitter at @AllieMagyar

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