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Allie Explains It All, Episode 8: How to Implement New Event Tech without Getting Overwhelmed

Allie Answers Episode 8 - Implement New Event TechOld dogs can learn new tricks of the trade… if you include them from the ground up of implementation.

Making any sort of adjustments in systems and workflows can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. For this episode of Allie Explains it All, I'm offering some tips to help make your event tech implementation more impactful and less stressful. 



1. Push aside fears and dive in to thrive

As with most things in life and in business, we all tend to shy away from new ways of doing things that go against the grain of our traditional methods. But when new tech offers such impactful and streamlined benefits, it’s crucial to our lifelines to adopt and adapt sooner than later.

2. Give your team a chance to share their 2 cents

By opening the floor to your team to express their input on the pros and cons of the technology, much of the daunting side of implementation will be removed automatically. Bringing your team in from the get-go will help everyone learn the system faster and will give them the appropriate understanding of the tech so you can maximize its value.

3. Start when you’re not crunched for time

We get it. Whether at home or at work, we’re always under the watchful eye of the clock. But when things are relatively slower, that is usually the most advantageous time to implement system changes. By taking an honest look at your quarter and year ahead, you’ll be able to have a clear map of what new tools can optimize your upcoming events and you’ll know when best to schedule implementation into your calendar where it won’t push into other important dates and deadlines.

4. Schedule time to play

Before you fully adopt a new technology, we recommend setting aside roughly 30-45 days for you and your team to get in and explore the new tech. By giving everyone a chance to play around with the tool(s), the entire team will have ample opportunities to learn and discover its benefits and applications.

5. Partner with your Technology Partner

Since no one knows the tech better than its creators, we suggest you invite your tech partner to do a proper training session for you and your team to simplify your implementation process. Having your partner demonstrate the ins and outs of the technology will be quite handy when questions arise and they will also be able to provide realistic timeline expectations regarding how your processes will improve in the weeks and months ahead.

6. Incorporate ongoing training for the best tech implementation

It’s important to consider not overwhelming your team when adopting new tech into workflows. By having an ongoing training program, you will continuously reinforce comprehension and strengthen retention for your organization in a nonthreatening environment. Leading your team in a supportive and empathetic fashion will boost everyone’s confidence in learning and adopting the new technology into their day-to-day systems.

We totally get it... taking on new tech can appear and feel threatening to even the strongest and most conditioned of us. But if we take one bite at a time from that proverbial elephant (*we don't support the eating of actual elephants), by following these guidelines, your event tech implementation will transition smoothly and will benefit everyone involved. 

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* Looking for Allie Explains It All, Episode 1? Stop looking; it's not online. The quality didn't reach Hubb standards, so we happily donated it to our internal "Feed the Bigfoot" Initiative... and he devoured that thing whole! #FeedTheBigfoot 

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