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Allie Explains It All, Episode 7: How to Organize a Conference Panel That Doesn’t Suck

How to Organize a Conference Panel That Doesn’t Suck

I’ve attended enough panel discussions to know that the worst ones can feel like you’re bouncing between watching paint dry and watching grass grow. On the other hand, the best ones are like sitting across the booth from your smartest, funniest friends during happy hour as they banter about interesting topics.

Finding that secret sauce for creating an engaging panel is challenging. Luckily the bar is set very low, so small steps can improve the panel discussions at your conferences and events 10X.

In the latest episode of Allie Explains It All, I talk about why most conference panels suck and offer ideas on how to organize a conference panel that is engaging to your attendees. Here's how to organize a conference panel that is awesome: 


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* Looking for Allie Explains It All, Episode 1? Stop looking; it's not online. The quality didn't reach Hubb standards, so we’ve hidden it in our subconscious minds, locked away with the traumatic memories of being teased in middle school that time our mom cut our hair into a mullet.  

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