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[Webinar] Let artificial intelligence guide you to better attendee engagement

Free webinar! Let AI guide you to better attendee engagement

Can we take a walk down tech memory lane? Since 2016, developments in the AI world have accelerated because cloud computing has made it possible to access enormous amounts of computing power at any time, which means we are now collecting and processing huge amounts of data. In fact, 90% of the world’s data has been generated in the past two years.

So, what does this have to do with your work? 

Machine learning can enhance today’s event tech to make your work faster and easier, taking repetitive tasks out of your job, while you can focus on strategy and relationships. So you (a human) you have more time to do what humans do best, which is be innovative, creative and awesome event management rock stars.

That's why you don't want to miss Hubb's webinar this month where Hubb's Chief Technologist Josh Vande Krol and VP of Enterprise Solutions Marty Choate will share a case study on implementing machine learning-based recommendations at Microsoft Ignite in September. Attendees received suggestions on which sessions to attend and who to network with based choices they made throughout the event.

Josh and Marty will explore how the event industry is leveraging AI and machine learning to provide outstanding experiences for attendees, and what that means for the future of your events.



josh vande krol headshotJosh Vande Krol, Hubb Chief Technologist
Josh is a business management professional with 
18 years of global experience building and managing software startups. As COO of Hubb, Josh leads the company’s strategic product initiatives and works closely with the marketing, sales, and customer success teams to monitor and manage day-to-day operations. 


Marty choateMarty Choate, Hubb VP of Enterprise Solutions
Marty works with Hubb's technology team to create beautiful solutions for Hubb clients. Prior to joining Hubb, Marty had been a key player in delivering event technology to Microsoft events for nearly 20 years.


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