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A Day in the Life of a Meeting Planner

By Allie Magyar on Jul 08, 2015 / Category: Conference Planning / 0 Comments / Tags: Conference Planning


You arrive at work early and scan through the 200 emails you received over night. You make it halfway down the list before your phone rings. It’s the venue. There’s a problem with the catering.

Meanwhile, your coffee is getting cold, and you didn't even have a chance to drink it. There’s another call holding. It’s one of your track managers. The speaker schedule is going to be late. And you needed it yesterday.

Your email inbox is exploding (will you ever get to inbox zero?) You didn't get a chance to see all the messages from last night, and now today’s are piling up. You know you shouldn't ignore them, but these new ones need answers now. First In – First Out, right?

Suddenly, it's lunch time. You brought a salad from home, but you ate it this morning because you skipped breakfast. You could go out and get something to eat, but you have a client meeting in 45 minutes. You decide to tough it out, but you're on the phone with caterers talking about food, and your hunger is just getting worse.

You're driving to your third meeting of the afternoon, and your oil change light just lit up on the dash. You were supposed to have it changed last week, but were too busy. This week isn't looking any better. Some of your emails aren't coming to your phone, and you NEED to stop by the cell phone store and have it looked at. The oil change will just have to wait.

You make it back to the office and finally have that staff meeting you've been putting off since last Thursday. They all need final approval on various projects. You get them squared away and make a last-ditch effort at answering a majority of the messages in your inbox. You fail, but vow that you'll tackle it at home after dinner.

You sit on the couch with your laptop and catch snippets of American Idol while you respond to client inquiries and put out fires that have been burning all day. The late-night news comes on, and things are finally looking good enough that you can catch a few hours of sleep before heading to the office again in 6 hours.

You lie in bed wondering where all your time went. Did you actually get anything accomplished today? Was there anything you forgot? You need to find a way to put all the pieces together this week. Visions of registration kiosks and conference mobile apps float through your head as you doze off to sleep.

Congratulations. You're a meeting planner.

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