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12 Essential #eventprofs To Follow On Twitter

By Hubb on Mar 01, 2017 / Category: Career, / twitter, / social media, / industry / 0 Comments / Tags: Career, twitter, social media, industry

12 Essential #eventprofs To Follow On Twitter

We love Twitter. In our opinion, no other social platform can match the depth and volume of knowledge being shared. It's where we go when we want to stay up-to-date with the events industry. It's also where we have the most fun sharing content and interacting with other #eventprofs.

If you're new to Twitter, or looking for inspiring event professionals to follow, here are some of our personal favorites. Each of the Twitter feeds below are full of events industry insight, knowledge and, in many cases, humor. Follow them, follow us, and join in on the #eventprofs conversation!


Corbin Ball Twitter - Event Tech

@CorbinBall: Corbin Ball is the person to follow for high quality insights about technology in the events industry.



Julius Solaris Twitter - Event Manager Blog@ToJulius: As editor of the indispensable Event Manager Blog, Julius Solaris is an essential follow for anybody looking to keep up with the latest industry news and insights.



Liz King Eventprofs@LizKingEvents: As one of the most well-connected people in the industry, as well as host of techsytalk Live, Liz King is a great follow for any event professional looking to stay up-to-date with event tech.



Michelle Rees - Corporate Event Mangement@TheEventsGirl: Michelle Rees tweets from a corporate perspective on events. She's an excellent follow if you're interested in the intersection of events and social media.



Amanda Kaiser - Association Professionals @SmoothThePath: Amanda Kaiser's twitter feed is obligatory for anybody who works at an association.



Adam Parry - Event Tech@punchtownparry: Interested in #eventtech? Adam Parry is the person you want to follow.



Jim Spellos Twitter - Event Speaker Management@jspellos: Jim Spellos is an educator and speaker who is an expert on how to use technology in the meetings industry.



Dahlia El Gazzar Twitter - Attendee Engagement@DahliaElGazzar: Dahlia El Gazzar is one of the most engaging personalities on #eventprof twitter, and is a great follow for #eventtech inspiration.



Jeannie Power - #eventprofs@EvntGrrl: Jeannie Power is one of the most knowledgeable and active #eventprofs on Twitter. 



Julie Hewett - Association Event Professionals@jkhewett: Julie Hewett is another essential twitter feed for event professionals who work at associations.



Vel Chain - Expo & Exhibition@VelChain: Dave Lutz is a consultant who knows his stuff; his is a great all around feed for meeting and conference insights.



Terence Donnelly - Trade show & Expo Chat @TRDonnelly: Terence Donnelly is an authority on trade shows; he helps moderate the weekly #expochat.



Sue Pelletier - Event Meeting Management@spelletier: Sue Pelletier is an editor of MeetingsNet. Her feed is one of the most comprehensive and interesting in the #eventprofs space.



Don't stop there!

There's more to the #eventprofs internet community than just blogs! Read our 11 Essential Blogs for Event Professionals and our 12 Essential LinkedIn Groups for Event Professionals too!

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