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CASE STUDY: An Event Management Agency’s Competitive Advantage

Published on Jan 10, 2018


How does a boutique event management company from a small city twice make the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing companies in America? With a shift in strategy supported by best-in-class...

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Allie Explains It All, Episode 5: Being the Event Team CEO

Published on Jan 04, 2018

As event professionals, two things are often true for us: we work with a lot of teams and we often underestimate how much influence we have in setting a positive culture within those teams. This...

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The Event Tech Trends to Watch in 2018

Published on Jan 02, 2018

We're event technology nerds — clearly — and this is our favorite time of the year.

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The Hubb Blog Year in Review: Our 49 Favorite Articles for Conference Planners

Published on Dec 21, 2017

2017: what a year for The Hubb Blog! This is our 100 post. That’s right, we’re keeping it 100 on The Hubb Blog!

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FREE WEBINAR: So You Want To Hold A User Conference

Published on Dec 19, 2017

Take the good with the bad? Not when you're planning a user conference.

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Get Specialized Advice for Corporate Meeting Managers In Our New Guide

Published on Dec 18, 2017


Before we started Hubb, we planned conferences and meetings. While officially we love all our events children equally, our favorite types of events to work on were corporate conferences.

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To Certify or Not To Certify: What Certifications Are Worthwhile for Event Profs?

Published on Dec 11, 2017

I was recently at an event where several senior meeting planners were being honored. As each planner was called up to the stage, their name and certifications were flashed on the screen. I was...

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Free Webinar: Intro to Event Content Management & Hubb

Published on Dec 04, 2017

Once again—no surprise—event manager was named the 5th most stressful job in America. And, if you're using spreadsheets and emails, or other outdated technologies to manage your conferences, you...

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Content Strategy Is King Webinar Recording

Published on Dec 01, 2017


We hope you enjoyed the our November webinar, Content (Strategy) Is KingBelow, you can find the webinar recording.

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Hubb Wins Best Event Technology at 2017 Event Awards

Published on Nov 27, 2017

We're super excited to announce that Hubb won the Best Event Technology Award at the annual Event Awards, held on November 22. The award recognized Hubb’s event content management solution as a...

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