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PCMA Convening Leaders Wrap-Up

Hubb participated in our first PCMA Convening Leaders conference earlier this week, held this year in beautiful and warm Austin. While we sadly missed Matthew McConaughey’s opening remarks due to...

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Make Speaker Management About Collaboration, Not Confrontation

Your speakers are the primary reason people come to your event, so why does the mere mention of them give you an anxious twitch? Maybe it's because managing speakers can be a major pain, a huge...

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Free Webinar: Get Empowered By The API Economy

APIs are the secret sauce that hold amazing events together. They enable powerful event technology tools to share data and seamlessly integrate with each other. This connected data can save you...

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Let's (PCMA) Convene in Austin!

Will you be at PCMA's Convening Leaders conference in Austin next week? Good news if you are - Hubb will be there too! If you'd like to learn how Hubb can help manage your event content while...

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Association Management Resources Makes The Grade

Association Management Resources (AMR) knows events; they manage about 30 per year, ranging from board meetings with 25 participants to conferences with over 10,000.

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Time Saving Event Tech Trends That Will Help Conference Planners in 2017

Event mangers have a surplus of many things—patience, fortitude, get-stuff-done gumption – but we rarely have extra time. There is good news on this front, however. Thanks to advances in...

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Select Better Speakers For Your Event


Selecting good speakers for your event should be simple. Emphasis on "should". Unfortunately, it often degrades into choas, the end result of which is a speaker lineup that's merely....fine....

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How Event Managers Can Get Empowered by the API Economy

Last month I had the opportunity to share my experiences as an event manager at Event Tech Live. In my session, I explored the API economy, and how it’s helping event managers focus on inspiring...

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Creating Engagement: Build Community Before, During and After the Event

Your conference is alive and buzzing with animated conversations, electric presentations and social media sharing. How do you keep the momentum going? By involving attendees at every stage of the...

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8 Smart Strategies for Improving your Call for Content Process

Getting your call for content out can be difficult, especially when you’ve just finished a conference and aren’t quite ready to start again.  We’ve put together a guide chock full of great...

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